Whole Pig Class

April 9, 2017 all-day
Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
Fort Calhoun
NE 68023
$50 per cours or the whole class $120
Fort Atkinson SHP

Simply put, we will start with a live pig and work it all the way through to curing the hams and making the sausage. Join for both days and see all the processing or pick and choose the portion(s) you prefer. Food provided and included in any option(s).

Slaughtering & Basic Butchering April 8th 9-11 am / lunch 11-12 We will start with slaughtering a heritage breed red wattle pig raised locally at Hickory Hill Land and Livestock. The slaughtering will be lead by Ben Godfrey with experience in breeding, raising and slaughtering pasture-raised pigs. Pig will be shot and then bled and hung. We will be skinning this pig, but will also talk about scalding and discussing advantages of both. After dressing and skinning, we will cut and portion pig into primal cuts. Remaining cutting and butchering will be part of the afternoon class.

Curing & Processing April 8th 12 – 3 pm / lunch 11-12 Starting with primal cuts, we will breakdown the pig into sub-primals and individual cuts, chops etc. We will discuss various options and best uses of different cuts and muscle groups. We will then use a variety of cuts from the ham, loin, shoulder, belly etc. to learn the basics of dry-curing and brine-curing by preparing belly bacon, ham, Canadian bacon, shoulder bacon etc. We will also discuss rendering lard and what to do with the head and organs and other off-cuts.

Sausage Making April 9th 2 – 5 pm / food during and after class Using some of the shoulder and trim from the previous day’s butchering, we will learn the basics of sausage making. We will focus on technique and proper salting and fat ratio, while preparing breakfast sausage (loose), classic brats (links), and summer sausage (cased). Besides making sausage, we will discuss smoking, storage and the best ways to cook a succulent fresh sausage. Class will NOT cover advanced techniques such as dry-curing, aging and fermenting.

The class costs $50 per course or the whole class for $120.

Classes will be taught by Cure Cooking here in Fort Calhoun.   The classes will be at the Fort and the exact location will be determined weather pending.

You can resister at Space is limited; please pre-register to save your spot.  For more information, call 402-468-5611.

A Park Entry Permit is required.