The Salt Flats Shoot

February 8, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center
4703 North 44th Street Lincoln NE 68504
$45 per person

What happens in Lincoln, stays in Lincoln

So, that Vegas Shoot? Honestly, it’s not for everyone. But if you still want to compete the weekend of February 8 – with a chance to win payouts – we’ve got you covered in Lincoln.

Attend this “sister” shoot to the one in Vegas – this event will follow the same rules as much as our space and schedule allow.* This indoor target archery competition will feature a Vegas Round “elimination,” shoot-offs, and the chance to win some dough while the ringers are out of town!

Submit payment for your registration by January 30 to receive an event t-shirt (included with your registration fee). $45/archer for Open division, $20/archer for Young Adult and Junior divisions. Young Adult/Junior archers may opt to register for the Open division in order to compete for payouts. A link for payment will be sent to you once registration is received.

Archer check-in is from 4-4:45 pm.

Championship (elimination) round line time starts at 5 pm. Ten ends of 3 arrows (30 arrow total) shot on either the 40 cm Vegas three-spot target face with gold-red-blue (10-9-8-7-6) scoring areas or the 40 cm single-spot face with 10 through 1 scoring.

Shoot-offs among top 4 in the elimination round for each division/style will begin at approximately 7:45 pm. Vertical three-spot targets will be used in shoot-offs for compound only.

Concessions available on-site.

All divisions are coed and compete at 20 yards.

NFAA Age Divisions:
Junior (ages 14 & under) (an inclusive class for Youth & Cub archers) – competing for awards
Young Adult (ages 15-17) – competing for awards
Open (adults 18+ or younger competitors if wanting to compete for payouts) – competing for payouts

Championship Bow Styles:
Barebow (NFAA Barebow) – Any bow without a sight, shot without a release aid. Any length stabilizer permitted.
Recurve (NFAA Freestyle Limited Recurve) – Target recurve or longbow with a sight (no magnification), shot without a release aid. Any length stabilizer permitted.
Bowhunter (NFAA Freestyle Bowhunter) – Compound bow and (optional) release aid. All sights (including fiber optics) with max 5 horizontal reference points but no magnification, up to 12” stabilizer. Sights cannot be moved once scoring begins.
Compound (NFAA Freestyle) – Target equipment and (optional) release aid.
Outlaw – All other except crossbow.

Placement medals will be awarded for up to the top 3 finishers in Junior and Young Adult for all styles (one award available for every three entries). Payouts for the Open division will follow the NFAA Payout Schedule, with 70% payout of entry fees (one payout awarded for every three entries in each style).

*Follows NFAA shooting styles and equipment rules except where stated directly.