Saturday Fun Day!

July 2, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Ponca State Park
88090 Spur 26 E
NE 68770
Ponca State Park

Have Fun at Ponca State Park!

9:00 am-11:00 am Introduction to Archery and Shotguns—Introductory course for beginners in archery and shotguns. All equipment is provided. Archery participants must be 5 years or older and shotgun participants must be 12 year old or older. Meet and pay at the archery range in the Eric Wiebe Shooting Complex. Cost $1/6 arrows; $7/ box of shotgun ammunition.

9:00 am; 11:00 am; 1:30 pm Backwater Kayaking— Learn the basic skills of kayaking in the Missouri’s backwaters. This a great place to fine-tune your kayaking skills. This is also a great way to tour our backwater area and for viewing wildlife. Meet and pay at the Resource and Education Center. Must be 12 years of age or older. Cost is $12.00/person.

11:00 am—all day Trick Kite Flying— “My Wind Stuff” will be on the riverfront demonstrating some unique kite flying. They will also assist you on learning how to handle a two string kite and perform trick kite flying. At the Riverfront. Free.

11:30 am Critter Corner— Critter Corner is a very popular program for all ages. This program provides a snapshot of the wildlife found along the Missouri River. Participants will be able to see, touch, and sometimes smell live critters, furs, feathers, shells, skulls, etc. Meet at the Resource & Education Center. Free.

1:00 pm 4th of July Parade Wands — Celebrate the 4th of July by creating your own parade wand! Children are welcomed to use their parade wands in the Kid’s Parade in the evening. Meet and pay at the Riverfront. $1 / craft.

1:00 pm Parachute Race— Compete with others in a parachute race. The speed of your running will inflate a parachute kite behind you. Prizes awarded in three age categories. Meet at the Riverfront. Free.

1:00 pm The Riddles of Reptiles—Reptiles are known for being sneaky and clever. In this program, we will learn about the characteristics of reptiles and their behavior. Participants will have the opportunity to touch live reptiles. Meet at the Riverfront . Free.

3:00 pm Fish of the Missouri — Learn about the different types of fish found in the Missouri River. Depending upon the availability of fish and weather, we will be seining for fish and viewing our catch. Be prepared to get wet. Older shoes or water shoes are recommended. Meet at the Riverfront Campground. Free.

4:00 pm; 5:00 pm Kids on Parade— Celebrate the 4th of July riding on a hayrack in the Kid’s Parade. At 4:00 pm kids ride from the Resource Education Center to Turkey Ridge Campground where they will toss candy to campers and at 5:00 pm another hayrack of kids will visit the Oak Bluff Campground and toss out candy to campers. Sign up and meet at the Resource and Education Center. Maximum of 18 kids per ride. Free.

6:15pm; 7:30pm Hayrack Park Tour (45min)— Learn everything you wanted to know about Ponca State Park. Please pre-register at the front desk. Maximum of 25 people allowed per tour, minimum of 12 people. Meet and pay at the Resource and Education Center. Cost is $4for Adults, $2 for Children ages 3-12 years.

Check out our new Ponca Scout Program! Scouts will earn a Ponca Scout Badge by completing an activity, challenge, and attending an outdoor education program. Four age groups are available including Bumble Bee Scouts (3-4 year olds), Salamander Scouts (5-6 year olds) Raccoon Scouts (7-9 year olds), and Whitetail Scouts (10 year olds and up). Everything you need to complete the Ponca Scout Program is in a scout bag. Purchase a Ponca Scout Bag at the Resource and Education Center. Cost $7/Scout Bag.

Visit our Facebook Page, Nebraska Northeast Parks, to view our upcoming events at Ponca State Park. All programs subject to change due to staffing/weather. For questions please call (402)-755-2284.

 A Park Entry Permit is required.

Download the event flyer:  7-2