Saturday Fun Day!

April 23, 2016 @ 11:00 am
Ponca State Park
88090 Spur 26 E
NE 68770-0688
Ponca State Park

Have Fun at Ponca State Park!

11:00 am Critter Corner — Critter Corner is a very popular program for all ages. This program provides a snapshot of the wildlife found along the Missouri River. Participants will be able to see, touch, and sometimes smell live critters, furs, feathers, shells, skulls, etc. Meet at the Resource & Education Center. Free.

2:00 pm Animal Detective — Wildlife at Ponca State Park can be hard to spot, but you can become an expert at seeing the clues they leave behind. Learn how to identify tracks and scat as an “animal detective.” Participates will have the opportunity to set up a trail camera within the park to catch wildlife in action. Receive a 20% off coupon on our Animal Track T-Shirts for attending this program. Meet by the Riverfront Campground. Free.

Visit our Facebook Page, Nebraska Northeast Parks, to view our upcoming events at Ponca State Park. All programs subject to change due to staffing/weather. For questions please call at (402)-755-2284.

A Park Entry Permit is required.

Download the event flyer:  4.23.16