Natural Math Educator Workshop

This workshop is geared toward K-4th grade formal and informal educators.

This workshop requires a pre-registration.  To register please email with your full name, grades you work with, subjects taught and phone number.

Mathematics exists all around us in the natural world. It is our task to bring our children’s attention to the data and help them see the world around them in a mathematical way.

Although often “appearing more” in nature during early childhood, observing, counting, measuring, collecting data, comparing, and classifying objects are all mathematical concepts that are needed and used throughout middle school, high school, college, and into adulthood.

Throughout this workshop we will focus on using nature to teach math concepts such as symmetry, patterns, counting, observations, and the Fibonacci sequence.  This workshop is geared towards grades K-4.  All workshop participants will receive literature books and age appropriate activities associated with teaching math in the natural world.