High Plains Regional Rendezvous

June 19, 2016 all-day
Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
Fort Calhoun
NE 68023
Fort Atkinson SHP

Please join us at Fort Atkinson State Historical Park for the High Plains Regional Rendezvous June 19-25, 2016.

The many activities of the Rendezvous including shoots, seminars, camp activities and hawk/ knife competition.

A primitive rendezvous is a gathering of people who are interested in recreating the lifestyles and traditions practiced by early Americans involved in the fur trade and exploration of our country’s vast wilderness areas. Personalities portrayed range from participants in the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, Early American Longhunters and Western Fur trade characters. The personas are not necessarily based on an actual historical figure, often they are based on the nameless, everyday characters of the time period that represent a set of frontier skills, lifestyles and character that is uniquely American in nature.

Modern “primitive rendezvous” take the form of large encampments, where history buffs gather and practice living as trappers, traders, boatmen, longhunters, natives, voyagers and soldiers in pre-1840’s style. Why 1840? Well that is kind of the last year of the golden days of the Rocky Mountain fur trade, the last year when beaver peltry were harvested in the wild and sold at a wilderness “rendezvous” in the American west. Camping in white canvas tents, cooking over an open fire, wearing historically accurate clothes and accoutrements, participating in period contests of skill and having a great time doing it are the hallmarks of a modern primitive rendezvous.”

A Park Entry Permit is required.