Grand Opening – Schramm Education Center

May 18, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Schramm Education Center
21502 West Highway 31
NE 68028

At the Grand Opening on Saturday, May 18th, visitors to Schramm State Recreation Area and the new Schramm Education Center can experience the new facility with:

  • Newly renovated and expanded aquariums featuring Nebraska’s natural aquatic habitats – cool water streams, rivers, reservoirs and farm ponds. The total water in the four large tanks is 21,200 gallons (compared to the total water for the old aquarium at 7,000 gallons)
    • Stream 3100 gallons
    • River 8600
    • Pond 1100
    • Reservoir 9500
  • Six smaller tanks focusing on some of Nebraska’s smaller, lesser-known fish species.
  • A touch tank inviting visitors to feel a Pallid Sturgeon (tank is 2,200 gallons).
  • Seventeen live animal tanks featuring Nebraska’s reptile and amphibian species including interactive digital signage focusing on each species.
  • Educational nature center areas including a reading nook, maker’s space, bird watching area and pre-school play area, and learning stations focusing on insects, birds and nature.
  • Bird wingspan exhibit inviting visitors to measure their “wingspan” against several Nebraska native bird species.  And, a mammal exhibit inviting visitors to compare their size to that of numerous Nebraska mammals and learn about mammal adaptations.
  • Interactive digital features including wayfinding map, touch screens focusing on the species of the area, interactive digital games including color-a-fish, lake stocking game and build-a-fish game.
  • Virtual reality mountain biking experience where visitors will have the opportunity to “ride” the trails of local state park areas on an actual bike.

Additionally, visitors will be able to experience:

  • Over five miles of amazing hiking trails and new interpretive trail signage explaining the area’s natural resources.
  • The history of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission through exploring the historic canyon ponds and hatchery house where NGPC was started.
  • Explore the Biologically Unique Landscape filled with flora and fauna native to the area.

On the grand opening day we will also have guided hikes on the hour and tours of the new Schramm Education Center on the half-hour.

There will be no park entry fee or admission fee on this day.

Download the event flyer: Schramm grand opening