Bouquet Match for Rifles

February 14, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center
4703 North 44th Street Lincoln NE 68504
first entry $20

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Registration for the Outdoor Education Center’s Bouquet Match for rifles on February 11 -or- 14, 2021. This match will be offered on two dates – attend on whichever day works best for your schedule (Thursday or Sunday).

Competitors may shoot up to 3 divisions – Rimfire (Iron Sights), Rimfire (Optical Sights), and Centerfire. For division descriptions, see below. First entry is $20, second is $10, and third is $5. Secondary entries in the same division are $5 each and may only be registered for on-site.

This match will combine a challenge of accuracy, distance compensation, and timed fire.

A pair of Bluetooth earmuffs or Annual Pass – Indoor Firearm Individual (winner’s choice) will be awarded in a random prize drawing after completion of the match.* Competitors who shoot multiple divisions and/or multiple entries within a division may have their name entered once for each completed course of fire.

For each division ONLY the first entry will be placed in the results rankings.

Shirts or hats will be awarded for Rimfire (Iron Sights), Rimfire (Optical Sights), and Centerfire divisions.

Additional prizes may be awarded by random drawing.

Participants may shoot more than one rifle at each event. The course of fire may be shot more than once per rifle (additional fees apply). Competitors may shoot an official entry in all of the divisions. Any additional entries per a division will count for additional entries of the random drawing, but not for the official results.

All rifles must be able to hold 5 rounds in an internal or detachable magazine. Rifles must be fired from a standing position without support or contact from the shooting bench, divider wall, slings, etc.

Rimfire (Iron Sights)

Any .22 or .17 caliber firearm using open or peep sights that do not have a magnifying or electronic component. Fiber optics permitted.

Rimfire (Optical Sights)

Any .22 or .17 caliber firearm using a scope, red dot, or laser sight that wouldn’t be permitted in the Iron Sights Division.


Any centerfire rifle that meets range standards. Max energy of round at 25 yard impact is 2750 ft/lb. Centerfire ammunition containing steel in the core or jacket of the bullet is not permitted.

*Minimum 15 participants to give away Bluetooth Earmuffs or Annual Pass. If minimum isn’t reached, a prize of lesser value will be awarded instead.