Beginner JOAD & Adult Archery: Oct-Dec Qtr

October 1, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Nebraska Game and Parks Outdoor Education Center
4703 North 44th Street Lincoln NE 68504

This USA Archery program runs quarter to quarter – the beginner class is open to students who are new to JOAD or have only completed one quarter. Explore Archery is a recommended prerequisite but not required.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of 10 weeks. The course includes achievement awards, skill training, and games with focus on guiding each student in improvement at their own pace. Each session includes a short lesson and coaching while students are on the line.

No equipment required, but personal equipment is allowed for some portions of the class. Students should wear close-toed shoes only.

If seats are listed as available, students may register & join the class at any time except the last 4 weeks of the quarter. Allowances may be made at the discretion of the instructor. Full price still applies.

Class is usually not held the week of a major holiday. Check “Meeting on” list. Class is canceled in the event or threat of an imminent severe weather warning.

$40/participant/quarter + membership in USA Archery