25th Anniversary Adventure Trail

June 25, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Eugene T. Mahoney State Park
28500 West Park Highway
NE 68003-3508
Eugene T. Mahoney State Park

Come help us celebrate Eugene T. Mahoney State Park’s 25th Anniversary by participating and competing in the Adventure Trail.  This family friendly event will run with teams of two and three.

Saturday, June 25th the event will begin at 9am and will last 2 hours, crossing the finish line at 11am.  Participants can begin registration and check-ins around 8:30am at the Owen Marina and Craft Center.

Provided Activities:

  1. Paddle Boats- Participants will navigate a paddle boat, provided by the Owen Marina, around a marked destination, and then return to the original starting point.
  2. Archery-In this activity, participants will use a provided Bow, and attempt to shoot a designated target, only using a total of 3 arrows.
  3. Bow Fishing-Similar to Archery, competitors will aim for a target just off shore of CenturyLink Lake, and only use a total of 3 arrows.
  4. Disc Golf-Here, contestants will only play the marked hole, discs will be provided, but must be returned to receive credit.
  5. Fishing- At this location, participants will practice the art of casting. There will be a target which the participants will to try to aim their casts. Contestants will only be given 3 tries to land their cast within the designated target.
  6. Pellet Guns- Here guests will carefully aim, and shoot a pellet gun at a specific target. Here again, shooters will only take a total of 3 shots.
  7. Tent Challenge- Participants will be required to setup and take down a tent for this activity.
  8. Obstacle Course- Participants will be engaged in a physically active obstacle course and will be required to complete all the assigned tasks from start to finish.

Water, Maps, Rules/Guidelines will be provided for participants.

A Park Entry Permit is required.